Payment systems


Parking People can supply a multiple of payment methods rendered for parking services. Overtime we have fostered healthy business relationships with a variety of company’s in the market. Keeping a close eye on the newer emerging technologies supplying cashless payment methods in conjunction with the old failsafe method of cash on hand.

Parking People can supply install and maintain coin machines for. All cash is handled on a regular basis by cash in Transit Companies for security and transparency. P&D Machines online with a fail-safe methods of reporting via network-enabled machine and back end accounting from the cash in transit companies.

Payment Methods

Phone/IVR , Parking People has longstanding accounts with Park Magic and ParkbyText. A pay by phone / IVR system can be rolled out on site with 48 hours allowing customers to make payments for parking via a dedicated telephone number.

Pay by Text, one of the newest cashless payment systems to market is the ability of  the service users to pay via a text message. In each case the parker sends a text and the fee to park is retrieved from his mobile phone bill or in cases if desired where the parker may choose to use a card payment option they will be directed to an automated phone service allowing them to give card details, 85% of Irish Mobile Phone Companies are on board with this.

Pay by App – The use of smart phone APPs continue to raise in popularity when it comes to providing a payment method for parking. Parking People has trade accounts with Parkbytext and Park Magic. Both organisations provide an app, which allows user to pay for a specifically registered car park.

Both APP's are available from the App store and the Play store. Each APP offers slightly different features to its competitor. Both APP’s have a backend enforcement system that allows our patrol units to check in real time the paid parkers on a specific site. Similarly each system allows for detailed financial reporting for the client and and the service user.

Parking People can provide your site with an APP based payment conduit in 48 hours allowing a cashless payment system on site immediately.

Website – Again if required we have a choice of 2 website based platforms that can accept payment for your site.

The amount of options to accept revenue streams is considerable, each method applied will have its own monitory implications in the form of service fee's and rates.

Parking People has a proven tack record in assessing scale v function and applying the most appropriate cost effective combination of payment methods for each parking lot.

Turn around time for setup is minimal and payment can be taken from parkers with in 48 hours. Each deliverable solution will allow the business to more effectively manage revenue while availing of system integration (including banking) detailed financial reporting, real time enforcement.