Off-street car park management


  • Wherever there is parking often there is some management required.
  • Wherever there is space for parking, but where no parking currently takes place, there are often potential opportunities for generating new sources of revenue.
  • Parking People provide the expert service to manage both the issues and the opportunities. Our motto is “solutions for you”.
  • For our clients we remove any parking management headaches and we develop what opportunities that may exist for generating new revenue streams.

Parking Scheme Design and Layout

We can design pay parking schemes and design car parking layouts to all best practice principals. We can tailor what’s available to client needs and offer “solid” solutions both to best avoid future management issues and best exploit what revenue potential may exist.

Parking Scheme Implementation and Operation

We set up parking schemes, for short term and long term use; we manage all aspects of the project. We manage all the on going operations, offering a comprehensive “Start to Finish ” service for all aspects of scheme operation.

We operate to all best practice conventions:

  • All machines are networked linked.
  • Cash handling is by bonded cash in transit companies.
  • Full audit-ability and transparency of business transactions is assured.
  • Remote 24 hour machine monitoring is a standard.

Development Potential
To exploit this potential requires:

  1. An investment of money
  2. It requires Knowledge:
    • Best System of operation to suit a particular situation
    • Machinery
    • Car park layout
    • Signage
  3. It requires Skill:
    • Marketing and Promotion
  4. It requires the ability to:
    • Spend the initial time to set up
    • Spend the continued time to manage
    • Spend the continued time to promote and develop the business (focusing on the local area, targeting hotels, BandBs, local clubs, business, etc. to bolster business)
  5. An organisation to:
    • Patrol and monitor the car park
    • If necessary clamp
    • And release clamped vehicles

Parking People Can Do All of the Above