Low Cost Parking

For Property Owners / Managers

Parking People can, from its knowledge of local contract parking requirements, and from its data base of contract parking contacts, help quickly deliver a base of contract parking business for a site. This market knowledge is of significant commercial value for the property owner as we can help provide a range of clients.

We would specifically:

  • Target weekly and monthly contract parking
  • Target night time and off peak parking
  • Coming to formal arrangements for block parking with local organisations, businesses etc.
  • Carry out flyer drops in the local area and local businesses, hotels, hospitals, B&B`s, etc.

If You Have Spaces to Let

If you have spaces to let Contact Us. We offer a full range of service to facilitate the generation of a revenue stream from available car parking spaces.

We will:

  • Find the clients
  • Provide control and management of the spaces
  • Manage all the paper work and payments from the clients

If You Require Space to Park

If you require space to park please Contact Us. We can a range of services.

We will:

  • Give a choices for contract parking in the area with a range of prices
  • Provide a price comparison for any contract parking you are currently paying for
  • Manage the car parking space to ensure that no others use / abuse the space